Flexible Solutions for Fantasy Sports

Who doesn't love a good game of fantasy football or baseball? Have you tried fantasy soccer and cricket leagues? (There's even fantasy Australian Rules Football, auto racing, pro wrestling, and Congress!) Whichever fantasy sports you offer, CorePay has you covered. We offer merchant services that help you accept credit cards and debit cards from around the world with flexible merchant payment solutions.

Provide Your Customers a Reliable Payment Platform

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Safe & Secure Payment Processing

Fast & Secure Solutions

We work with a variety of merchant providers to ensure that your company is fully compliant with all credit card providers' rules and regulations so you're able to offer your customers reliable payment solutions. You can provide not only secure connections, you can reduce the chance of fraud.

Accept Debit and Credit Cards

With Corepay's merchant services, you can accept all major credit and debit cards from major providers around the world. Whether you're facilitating fantasy football to folks in Fresno or considering a cricket club for customers in Cardiff, you can provide monthly memberships and subscriptions with confidence.

Avoid Chargeback Headaches

Fantasy sports are constantly dealing with high chargebacks — people rage quit their league, their cards expire, or they cancel right after you've collected a payment. We can help you reduce the number of chargebacks and help ensure that your customers are happy with your fantasy sports leagues so continue playing, and even join new sport leagues when the current season ends.

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