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& Grow Profits With Our High-Risk Credit Card Processing Referral Program

Corepay’s high-risk credit card processing referral Partner Program offers up to 80% revenue share for leads with no hidden costs or buy rates, allowing you to board hard-to-place merchants and earn lifetime residuals.

Are you looking to get involved in the merchant services industry but are unable to match your leads with the best processing solutions? Corepay receives referrals from anyone and everyone, including e-commerce merchants, advertising networks, payment gateways, software designers/developers, shopping cart/CRM providers; banking agents, as well as other ISOs, competing PSPs, and more. Under Corepay’s Partner Program, our agents receive up to 80% lifetime revenue share for leads with no hidden costs or buy rates. They earn these commissions while receiving truly around the clock support from the Corepay management team.

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#1 Affiliate/Referral Program

When an agent of Corepay is unable to board a high risk-merchant on their own, our team is always ready to assist. The most common industries our agents send to us include adult content, online dating, e-commerce, travel, crypto, and many more.

Having Trouble Boarding Merchants?

Call us right away to see for yourself how easy it can be to expand your portfolio of payment-related services. Speak with a dedicated account manager at 407-250-1012, or email us at [email protected] for more information on partnering with Corepay today.