Payment Processing For Modern Businesses

Consumers expect to be able to shop for products or services online, and in an ever-changing landscape influenced by e-commerce, those business owners who do not accept credit card payments limit their potential and miss out on sales revenues. Corepay offers the most secure and convenient online payment processing solutions for today’s business at the most competitive prices.

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Secure & Convenient Online Transactions

Secure Payment Pages

As consumers continue to shop for goods and services online, card-not-present fraud is becoming much more common. Corepay’s secure payment pages add a layer of security keeping every transaction safe, protecting your e-commerce business and reputation, and preventing unnecessary chargebacks.

Detect Fraudulent Activity Quickly

When a merchant loses revenue due to fraud-related chargebacks, the amount lost is often two to three times the transaction cost, including marketing, shipping, and product costs. Corepay’s sophisticated payment processing system allows you to easily review transactions and block suspicious activity, helping you catch potential fraudulent activity before a payment is completed.

Chargeback Alert System

Chargebacks are increasingly becoming an issue for e-commerce businesses, costing merchants up to $40 billion per year. With Corepay’s advanced chargeback alert system and reliable payment processing system, you are notified the moment a client requests a refund, helping you avoid fraud and chargeback fees with ease.

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