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As technology advances, so do the options for meeting new people and exploring relationships online. Online dating averages nearly $2 billion a year in revenue and is one of the most sought after services for internet users. However, the adult nature of this industry, combined with high chargeback rates often prevent conventional providers from accepting these accounts. Corepay offers high-risk merchant services for online dating industry providers that help to reduce chargebacks, reduce fraud and increase customer confidence.

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Fast & Secure Solution

Fast approvals and secure merchant processing solutions are imperative to this lucrative industry. Online dating services hold loads of personal information that must be properly protected. Give your users the confidence of security and anti-fraud solutions when using our platform, without setup or application fees.

Major Credit Cards Accepted

With nearly 40% of the U.S. population using online dating services, fast and secure payment options for signups and subscriptions are vital to business. With Corepay, bid-adieu to virtual checks and the limitations of traditional payment aggregators. With Corepay, you can offer your customer payment processing using all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, JCB, and the increasingly popular Alipay & Wechat, all from the convenience of your direct online dating merchant account.

High-Chargeback Thresholds

High chargebacks are common in online dating communities due to recurring subscription models, customer dissatisfaction claims and privacy conflicts. Corepay is experienced in preventing fraud and reducing chargebacks for your high-risk business. We offer detailed business analyses and solutions to reduce your costs, while working to ensure that your customers are happy with your offerings

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