Visa Expanding Categories of High-Brand Risk Merchants in October

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Last Updated on April 8, 2021 by Corepay

Starting on October 17, 2020, Visa is expanding the categories of merchants they’re identifying as High-Brand Risk (HBR). Merchants in these new High-Brand Risk categories are required to register with Visa before they can process any transactions.

One notable change is MCC 7273 – Dating Services (Any card-absent transactions, also called Card Not Present (CNP) transactions).

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The feet of a tightrope walker. Visa is expanding its categories of high-brand risk merchants.According to Visa’s directive on the issue, Dating Services includes “Dating & escort-related services; examples include online classified ads including escort services or monthly subscriptions to dating websites.”

So this includes not only dating sites like Tinder or, but real-world escort services and traditional dating services as well. And since any online or over-the-phone transaction is considered card-absent/card not present, any credit card transaction is going to put you into that high-brand risk category.

That means that all merchants — dating sites or otherwise — with CNP transactions must meet these requirements:

    1. Implement Age Restrictions – electronic verification online.
    2. Merchant Category Code (MCC) must be 7273 – some merchants may require MCC updates.
    3. Subscription Merchant Transaction Policy Updates.
    4. Visa HBR registration by 17 April 2021.

And if you have a subscription model with introductory trials and promotions, like free 7-day trials, you have to follow these additional requirements:

      • Express Consent
      • Explicit Transaction Receipts
      • Easier Cancellation
      • Enhanced Notification
      • Statement Descriptors
      • Expanded Dispute Rights

Finally, there’s the matter of the fee schedule:

      1. Registration fees are $500 per merchant annually;
      2. Annual renewal billing will occur each September;
      3. To avoid the renewal fee, merchant must submit all termination requests by September of each year.

What are Other High-Brand Risk Categories?

Other categories that are also included in Visa’s High-Brand Risk services include:

      • MCC 5962: Direct Marketing, Travel-Related Arrangement Services Sale of travel-related services such as timeshares and discount vacation travel clubs via outbound telemarketing calls or mass emailing.
      • MCC 5966: Direct Marketing, Outbound Telemarketing Merchant Sale of products or services using outbound telemarketing; examples include services such as unsolicited tech support desks or credit card protection.
      • MCC 5967: Direct Marketing, Inbound Teleservices Merchant Adult content and merchant services such as website subscriptions and video streaming.
      • MCC 7995: Betting, including Lottery Tickets, Casino Gaming Chips, Off-Track Betting, and Wagers at Race Tracks Funding for games of chance such as placement of wagers on an outcome or purchase of chips at a gambling establishment.

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