Accounting/Tax Prep Merchant Accounts

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Last Updated on June 3, 2024 by Corepay

Accounting and tax service businesses face scrutiny regarding payment processing because many transactions are card-not-present transactions – meaning there’s a higher chance for fraud.

At Corepay, we understand accounting firms’ unique needs and are extremely well-versed in high-risk payment processing.

On this page, we will break down everything you need to know about payment processing for your accounting agency and also explain why we believe we can assist.


Looking for the best payment processing for accounting firms? Read on….

Key Takeaways

  • Corepay provides credit card processing solutions specifically designed for accounting and tax service businesses, which are often considered higher risk by other processors.
  • Corepay offers various merchant accounts for accounting and tax services, including retail, mobile, virtual terminal, and eCommerce accounts.
  • Finding reliable payment processing takes a lot of work for accounting firms.

Apply Today For Your Tax Prep/Accounting Merchant Account

Applying for your merchant account is an exciting and stressful time. We understand you might be pressed for time, and we ensure a swift process.

With this being said, here are the things you will need to be prepared for any accounting/tax prep company.

  • A fully compliant website
  • A Voided check or proof of bank accounts
  • A Driver’s license or a valid government I.D.
  • Social security number
  • Six months of processing statements, if possible
  • Articles of incorporation
  • A fulfillment agreement
  • A customer service center agreement (if outsourced)
  • Chargeback ratio under 2%

Importance Of Payment Processing For Tax Prep

Your relationship with your payment processor is one of the most important relationships you’ll have as a tax prep/accounting firm. 

At Corepay, we pride ourselves in our transparency and have established strong relationships and communication with our clientele.


In the world of payment processing, one significant challenge your accounting or tax prep business might face is dealing with chargebacks. These occur when a customer disputes a transaction, causing a reversal of funds. Not only does a chargeback result in lost sales, but it can also damage your reputation with credit card processors.

Chargebacks occur in the tax prep and accounting industry due to many phone and online transactions.

How To Choose A Payment Processor

Given the complexities of chargebacks and the unique needs of your accounting or tax prep business, it’s essential to select a payment processor that aligns with your specific requirements. 

When choosing a processor, we recommend to do the following:

  • Compare services such as payment acceptance: virtual terminal, mobile, payment gateway, MOTO, etc.
  • Compare rates: Prices vary heavily from processor to processor.
  • Experience: Always choose a partner that has experience in your field. At Corepay, we are extremely familiar with the accounting and tax prep industry.

Why Choose Corepay

At Corepay, we are confident in our ability to support your accounting or tax business, whether you are just starting or have a well-established history in the industry. Our comprehensive suite of anti-chargeback tools, our proprietary gateway, Netvalve, and our relationships with acquiring banks ensure you benefit from the most competitive rates tailored to the accounting and tax sectors.

Highly Competitive Rates:

Our dedication to providing your accounting or tax business with the most competitive processing fees ensures thriving profitability.

Fast Approval Times:

Experience a streamlined approval process, allowing accounting or tax businesses to swiftly proceed with transactions, typically receiving approvals within 24-72 hours.

High Volume Processing:

Utilize our payment gateway, explicitly designed for high-risk industries, empowering accounting or tax businesses processing high transaction volumes.

Multiple Currencies:

Acknowledging the significance of accepting different currencies in the accounting and tax industry, our services facilitate seamless transactions for your diverse clientele.


Benefit from a PCI-Level 1 secure payment gateway, vigilantly monitored 24/7 and routinely tested for security issues, prioritizing the safety of your financial transactions.

Mobile Payments:

Embrace the convenience of accepting payments from clients using their mobile devices, enhancing the accessibility of your accounting or tax services.

Waived Application, Set Up, and Annual Fees:

Support your business’s financial efficiency with waived application, set-up, and annual fees, minimizing overhead costs.

24/7 Customer Service:

Our commitment to excellence extends to round-the-clock customer service, ensuring that your accounting or tax business is always well-supported.

Choose Corepay for your accounting or tax merchant account to enjoy seamless transactions, competitive rates, and dedicated customer service around the clock.

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