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Last Updated on October 1, 2023 by Corepay

Are you looking for bespoke payment processing for your pet supplies business? If so, you’ve likely noticed the frustrations of finding pet store merchant account solutions. 

Pet supply businesses have witnessed a surge in popularity over the years, catering to the needs of pet owners worldwide. However, this industry often entails unique challenges, particularly in payment processing.

While it may come as a surprise, online pet supply stores are often labeled high-risk by banks and processors, meaning you will need to find a payment processor specializing in e-commerce payments.

We can save your pet supply business revenue on processing and chargeback fees and swiftly approve you for business.

Key Takeaways:

  • High-Risk Classification: Pet supply merchant accounts are often classified as high risk due to increased chargeback potential, product legitimacy concerns, vulnerability to fraudulent activities, and seasonal fluctuations.
  • Chargeback Risks: Pet supply businesses face a higher likelihood of chargebacks due to issues like sizing discrepancies, allergic reactions, and customer dissatisfaction. 
  • Product Legitimacy: Selling pet-related products may require certifications, permits, or adherence to specific regulations. Failure to comply or inadvertently selling counterfeit or unapproved products can lead to legal repercussions and damage to the merchant’s reputation.
  • Vulnerability to Fraud: The emotional bond between pet owners and their animals makes pet supply merchants attractive targets for fraudsters. Merchants must implement robust fraud prevention measures to protect against identity theft, stolen credit card information, and fraudulent claims.
  • Seasonal/Volume Fluctuations: The pet supply industry experiences seasonal fluctuations and market volatility. In essence, merchants can go from $50,000 to $200,000 monthly processing volume. 

Apply With Corepay Today For Your One Stop Pet Supply Merchant Account Services

To obtain your pet supply merchant account swiftly, we will need the following:

  • A voided check
  • A valid government I.D. (driver’s license)
  • Six months of processing statements, proving chargeback performance.
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • SSN
  • Fulfillment Agreement
  • Secure and fully compliant website

What Types Of Pet Supply Businesses We Service At Corepay

pet payment processing

Corepay offers merchant services for pet supply e-commerce, mobile, retail, and virtual terminal solutions. We pride ourselves on delivering transparent pricing that fits into various business models, and we are confident that we can help grow your business.

Online pet supply stores typically offer a wide range of products, but here are the top 5 items our pet supply clients sell:

  1. Pet Food/Treats: Online pet supply stores provide a variety of pet foods, including dry kibble, wet food, freeze-dried options, and specialty diets. They also offer a selection of treats, ranging from training treats to dental chews.
  2. Toys and Enrichment Products: To keep pets entertained and mentally stimulated, online pet supply stores offer a variety of toys and enrichment products. This includes interactive toys, puzzle games, chew toys, balls, and scratching posts for cats.
  3. Collars, Leashes, and Harnesses: Pet supply stores provide a range of collars, leashes, and harnesses for dogs and cats. This includes different styles, sizes, and materials to suit various needs and preferences.
  4. Beds and Furniture: Pets need comfortable spaces to rest, so online pet supply stores offer a selection of beds and furniture options. This includes pet beds, orthopedic beds, cat trees, and crates or carriers for travel.
  5. Health and Wellness Products/Medications: To support the health and well-being of pets, online pet supply stores offer various products. This includes supplements, vitamins, flea and tick control products, grooming supplies, and dental care items.

Why Choose Corepay For Your Pet Supply Merchant Payment Processing Needs

At Corepay, we specialize in high-volume ecommerce merchant accounts and understand the ins and outs of the pet supply world. We offer the following for our tailored pet supply merchants:

  • Efficient Approvals for pet supply stores
  • Zero application or startup fees
  • Risk mitigation through our partner product, CB-ALERT
  • Chargeback prevention alerts
  • Competitive pricing
  • High-risk rates as low as blended 2.95%
  • 24/7 customer service

Why Pet Supply Shops Are Labeled High-Risk

Pet supply shops are high-risked for a number of reasons related to chargebacks and card-not-present transactions. Below are the top 3 reasons that pet supply shops are high-risk for banks and processors:

  • Chargebacks
  • Deffective products
  • Volume fluctuations:

Chargebacks are typically a bit higher in the pet industry as there can often be problems with sizing. Pet products also tend to make claims that prove to not be true such as, “this toy is indestructible.”

Another major problem is that pet stores can have some volume fluctuations. Standard Payfacs tend to be cautious when they see merchants that fluctuate significantly.

Can Pet Supply Stores Use Paypal Or Other Payfacs?

The short answer is not without the risk of having your account terminated.

While PayPal may work well for some businesses, its specific challenges for pet supply merchant accounts make it less favorable in this industry. 

Pet supply merchants often seek alternative payment service providers specializing in high-risk industries and offer more tailored solutions to mitigate these challenges and ensure smooth payment processing.

Dropshipping Solutions For Pet Supply Stores

At Corepay, we offer payment processing for pet supply dropshipping businesses. The one concern is that the chargebacks are manageable and that the drop shipper offers reliable customer support.


Corepay offers payment processing through most payment gateways on the market, and our payment gateway, Netvalve, is available.

Retail, E-commerce, and Virtual Terminal Solutions For Pet Supply Stores

Corepay is a trusted and reliable choice for pet supply merchant accounts due to our experience in high-risk industries, tailored solutions, transparent pricing, and customer support. By choosing Corepay, you can expect a payment processing partner that understands the unique needs of the pet supply industry and is committed to helping your business thrive.

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