High-Risk Merchant List – Top 100 Risky Industries

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Last Updated on June 19, 2023 by Corepay

Starting a business is both fun and challenging at the same time. Launching a company and finding out you are a high-risk merchant is an example of the challenging part. So we’ve created the ultimate high-risk merchant list that details every industry banks and processors may deem high-risk.

If you’re searching for a high-risk payment processor after determining you are, in fact, high-risk, you’ve come to the right place.

The purpose of this quick list is simply to answer your question and give you a comprehensive list of every industry deemed high-risk.

So, here are the top five industries that require high-risk payment processing solutions in which we specialize in at Corepay:

  • Online dating payment processing
  • Adult payment processing
  • Fantasy sports payment processing
  • CBD payment processing
  • Online gambling payment processing

List Of All High-Risk Merchants

Here’s our comprehensive list of 100 industries you should save for future use when determining if you’re a high-risk merchant.

  1. Adult Videos
  2. Adult Webcams
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Airlines & Jet Charters
  5. Alcohol & Liquor
  6. Bongs & Glassware
  7. CBD Products
  8. Clothing Shops
  9. Coins & Collectibles
  10. Computer Software
  11. Credit Repair
  12. Crypto & Digital Currency
  13. Online Dating
  14. Debt Collections
  15. Debt Consolidation
  16. Delta 8
  17. Document Preparation
  18. Dropshipping
  19. E-Cigs and Vapes
  20. Electronics
  21. Escort Services
  22. Event Ticket Brokers
  23. Extended Warranty Providers
  24. Fantasy Sports
  25. FFL Dealers
  26. Financial Planning
  27. Firearms & Ammo
  28. Forex Trading
  29. Furniture Stores
  30. Health And Fitness Clubs
  31. Hemp Products
  32. High Average Ticket
  33. Life Coaching
  34. Lingerie Sales
  35. Loan Modification
  36. Lotteries or Sweepstakes
  37. Male Enhancement
  38. Marijuana & Cannabis
  39. Marketing Services
  40. Membership Programs
  41. Merchants with Bad Credit
  42. Modeling & Talent Agencies
  43. Moving Companies
  44. Multi-Level Marketing
  45. Nutraceuticals
  46. Online Casinos
  47. Night Clubs
  48. Online Gambling
  49. Online Gaming
  50. Paraphernalia
  51. Pawn Shops
  52. Payday Loans
  53. Penny Stocks
  54. Peptides & SARMs
  55. Pharmaceuticals
  56. Prepaid Calling Cards
  57. Psychics & Fortune Tellers
  58. Replica Accessories
  59. Self-Defense Products
  60. SEO Services
  61. Social Networking Sites
  62. Sports Betting
  63. Student Loan Relief
  64. Subscription & Recurring
  65. Supplements
  66. Tech Support
  67. Telemarketing
  68. Telemarketing services
  69. Third-party Manufacturing
  70. Tickets & Events
  71. Timeshares
  72. Tobacco
  73. Tour operators
  74. Transportation
  75. Travel Agencies
  76. Vitamins
  77. VOIP Services
  78. Web Design
  79. Weight Loss Programs
  80. BDSM Equipment
  81. Body Piercing Studios
  82. Escort Directories
  83. Fetish Merchandise
  84. Fantasy sports
  85. HIV/STD Testing Services
  86. Pet supplies
  87. Kratom
  88. Optometrists
  89. Strip Clubs and Gentlemen’s Clubs
  90. Swinger Clubs and Events
  91. Adult Party Planning
  92. Adult Website Hosting
  93. Ammunition
  94. Adult Novelty Stores
  95. Adult Magazine Publishing
  96. Law firm
  97. Phone Sex Operators
  98. Adult AI Content
  99. Adult Dating Apps
  100. Lingerie Subscription Boxes

Why High-Risk Merchant Accounts Are Necessary

At first glance, you might wonder why you are labeled a high-risk merchant. Banks and payment processors consider these industries high-risk because they take the risk of processing your payments.

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Need High-Risk Processing?

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