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Last Updated on June 3, 2024 by Corepay

Delta 8 is becoming extremely popular and shows no signs of slowing down. However, like CBD, Delta 8 is new to the market, making it difficult to find payment processing for merchants. This article will explain what you need to know about obtaining a Delta 8 merchant account and why we believe we are an excellent fit for your business.

If you’re having trouble finding a reliable payment processor or recently had your Delta 8 merchant account terminated, you’ve come to the right place.

With over two decades of high-risk payment processing, we are confident that we can get you processing payments swiftly and help you grow your business into everything you’ve dreamed of.

Since there isn’t much information on Delta 8 and it is similar to CBD, banks and processors are hesitant to board new merchants in these verticals. At Corepay, we can help with your payment processing for CBD and Delta 8.

Delta 8 Payment Processing

At Corepay, we can offer payment processing for all legal Delta 8 products. Many products can be created which contain Delta 8, so we rounded up a list of standard products we frequently see:

  • Delta 8 Vape
  • Delta 8 Extracts
  • Edlta 8 Edibles/gummies/chocolates
  • Delta 8 THC Shatter
  • Delta 8 Flower
  • Delta 8 THC Cartridges
  • Delta 8 Distillate
  • Tabs of Delta 8
  • Delta 8 Syringe
  • Delta 8 Pre-Rolled Joints
  • Delta 8 THC Dabs
  • Gummy Delta 8
  • Delta 8 Plant
  • Delta 8 Disposable Vape Pen
  • Delta 8 THC Oil
  • Delta 8 Tincture
  • Delta 8 Vape Juice

How To Get Approved For A Delta 8 Merchant Account

Getting approved for a Delta 8 merchant account isn’t easy, but it’s doable, provided you run a legitimate business that adheres to regulatory rules.

We advise merchants to adhere to any federal/state laws when it comes to Delta 8, along with doing the following:

  • All products must be under .3% THC
  • Products must be registered and up to date
  • Clear product descriptions/pictures
  • Website must be compliant

Applying For Delta 8 Merchant Account

At Corepay, we make the application process as simple as possible while ensuring you are a reputable merchant.

Below you will find what you need to apply for your merchant account:

  • A voided check
  • A valid government I.D. (driver’s license)
  • Six months of processing statements, proving chargeback performance.
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • SSN
  • Fulfillment Agreement
  • Secure and fully compliant website
  • Website must show products containing less than .3% THC

Delta 8 VS CBD

Delta 8 and CBD both have laws that differ depending on the state legislation. For this reason, acquiring banks and payment processors eat the additional risk.

Let’s do a quick recap on Delta 8 VS CBD below as they are very similar.


  • Origin: Plant
  • Non-Psychoactive
  • Federally Legal, Legal In Most States

Delta 8

  • Origin: Plant
  • Slightly Psychoactive
  • Federally Legal, Legal In Most States

Delta 8 is fresher when compared to CBD, as it has just recently gained popularity. This means there is still more to be learned and that it will be under review for years.

Why Is Delta 8 Considered High Risk?

delta 8

Like CBD, Delta 8 is used for medical purposes; however, these have not been approved by the FDA. For this reason alone, banks and payment processors take on additional weight/risk.

Delta 8 is considered high-risk for a few different reasons. Below is a list of the main reasons:

  • Heavily Regulated and not approved by FDA
  • Grey Area
  • Chargebacks
  • Health Concerns

Not Approved By FDA

Delta 8 and Delta 9 are yet to be approved by the FDA, leaving much room for speculation for the industry as a whole. 

Grey Area

This industry is a grey area for processors as it’s not approved by the FDA and is only legal in specific states. This can lead to more chargebacks and added risk to processors/banks.


Chargebacks are always a concern for any high-risk vertical. With Delta 8, since its a relatively new product, this leaves a lot of room for customers to complain about the product’s effectiveness, which could lead to an increased number of chargebacks.

Health Concerns

Like CBD/vape, there are many health concerns related to Delta 8, especially when the product is inhaled. It will take several years for more information to come out regarding the product’s health concerns, so banks are hesitant.

Why Choose Corepay

We believe we are great for your business as we specialize in high-risk payment processing and understand the ins and out of the industry. 

If you choose Corepay for your business, you can expect the following:

  • Competitive Pricing: We operate with 100% transparency and try to offer merchants the lowest possible rates with no surprises.
  • Fast approval times: Our quick approvals maximize the time that travel merchants need to make sales. We are able to provide approvals typically between 24-72 hours.
  • High volume processing: We have our own payment gateway,  explicitly designed for high-risk companies processing high volumes.
  • Multiple currencies: We understand the importance of being able to accept different currencies
  • Security: We have a PCI-Level 1 secure payment gateway that is monitored around the clock and regularly tested for security issues
  • Mobile payments: We make accepting mobile payments easily
  • No application, setup, or annual fees
  • 24/7 customer service

Underwriting For Delta 8/ Delta 9 Merchant Account

Delta 8 merchant accounts are underwritten at the time of the application at Corepay. By doing this, we can avoid any surprises down the line. 

When looking at your business, our main goal is to ensure we are doing business with a reputable company. This means looking at your website/pay page to ensure you’re doing everything to standard. 

We will be reviewing the following in a pre-screening:

  • Websites layout
  • Compliance
  • Chargebacks
  • Processing volume
  • Years processing

Is Delta 8/Delta 9 Legal In My State?

This is a commonly asked question. The answer is that Delta 8 is legal federally but not in every state. Below is a list of everywhere Delta 8 is legal, illegal, and controlled.


  • Alabama
  •  California
  •  Florida
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kansas
  • Maine
  •  Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming
  •  Washington, D.C.


  • Connecticut
  • Michigan
  • Nevada


In all of the following, Delta 8 is banned:

  •  Alaska
  •  Arizona
  •  Arkansas
  •  Colorado
  •  Delaware
  •  Idaho
  •  Iowa
  •  Louisiana
  •  Montana
  •  New York
  •  North Dakota
  •  Rhode Island
  •  Vermont
  • Utah

Paypal For Delta 8

We vigorously recommend not signing up with Paypal for your Delta 8 merchant account. While you may get approved upon application, Paypal doesn’t underwrite the account for up to 6 months after applying. 

Delta 8 is not accepted by Paypal or other low-risk processors, and your account will be terminated or frozen without your consent. This means you could begin receiving payments and building an audience, only to have your account ended, leaving you with no access to your funds.

It’s also worth noting that Square recently stopped servicing the CBD industry, so if you are a merchant operating in the CBD industry, be sure to diversify your payment ecosystem by adding a safety merchant account.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the suitable payment processor for Delta 8 products is extremely important, and it will be your biggest decision to grow your business.

If you choose Corepay, we can guarantee 100% transparency with great rates and solutions to help mitigate chargebacks and grow your business.

Fill out the application below to find out how we can help your business today.

We appreciate you following Corepay’s blog. Let’s collaborate, send us your article suggestions, questions, and/or feedback to: [email protected].