Selling CBD On Shopify 2024 – How To Do It

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Last Updated on May 2, 2024 by Corepay

CBD merchants know the struggles of starting an online business, especially when it comes time to find payment processing. With many ways to accept payments and create websites, it can become confusing for merchants to know the best practices. This article will cover everything you need to know about Shopify CBD merchant accounts.

If you’re a CBD merchant, you already know that the industry can be pretty tricky as a whole. Using Shopify to get your CBD store up quickly is a great plan, but there are a couple of critical points you will need to know – which we will touch on later.

Can Merchants Sell CBD On Shopify?

The short answer is, yes, you can sell CBD products on Shopify. The tricky part here is that Shopify doesn’t provide payment processing for CBD as it’s considered high-risk by banks and processors.

You will need to integrate a third-party CBD merchant account into your online store. At Corepay, we specialize in high-risk processing, with over two decades of credit card processing experience.

We are also very familiar with implementing Shopify payment processing. If you’re currently using Shopify for your CBD products, you will want to find a high-risk solution, as Shopify will freeze your payment processing when they realize what you are selling.

Let’s look at the products CBD merchants can sell on their Shopify stores:

  • CBD gummies/chocolates
  • CBD for pets
  • CBD oil
  • CBD creams/lotions
  • CBD concentrates
  • CBD flowers
  • CBD ointments

Shopify CBD Payment Processing

You did it. You finally have your CBD store up and running on Shopify. There’s just one last step remaining: acquiring a payment processing partner specializing in high-risk.

While Shopify can process most businesses, they currently do not accept CBD products or allow them to use their payment gateway.

Applying For A Shopify CBD Merchant Account

Applying for your CBD processing for your Shopify store is quick and easy with Corepay. We even recommend checking out other processors and comparing rates and services offered when applying.

Here’s what you need to apply with us at Corepay.

  • A voided check
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Personal/business bank account
  • Fully compliant website/products
  • Previous processing statements

Please note the more information you can tell us about your business/experience, the faster we can get you up and running.

Shopify CBD Policy

We recommend reading over Shopify’s terms and service conditions for CBD products. Be sure to make sure your store and products don’t break any of the existing rules with Shopify, or you can have your store terminated.

You will notice that most of Shopify’s guidelines follow the federal and state restrictions for CBD closely. It’s important to note that ingestibles are closely regulated by the FDA, and you will need to follow their rules.

If you’re not staying within the guidelines of the FDA, you won’t be able to sell your product legally, regardless of if you create a Shopify store.

Was your Shopify CBD Merchant Account Frozen?

If your payment processing was frozen or terminated, you’ve come to the right place. Shopify is typically excellent when telling their merchants why their processing was frozen. When it comes to CBD, it’s always because Shopify has strict guidelines against processing CBD products.

You’re doing the right thing by finding a new processor for your Shopify store. We are confident that we can get you approved and accepting payments in no time.

Why Choose Corepay For Your Shopify CBD Merchant Account

We believe we are an excellent fit for your Shopify CBD store as we understand the ins and outs of both CBD and Shopify. We also offer all of our client’s access to our own payment gateway – Netvalve, which is designed explicitly for high-volume and high-risk businesses.

On top of this, we have our anti-chargeback tool – CB-ALERT, which will dramatically lower your chargebacks.

Should you choose Corepay as your third-party solution, you can expect the following:

  • Fast approvals
  • 100% transparency with pricing
  • Chargeback tools
  • No hidden fees
  • 24/7 customer service

Fill out our application below to get pre-approved today.

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