Who Is OnlyFans Payment Processor? Why Size Matters

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Last Updated on January 5, 2024 by Corepay

OnlyFans has started a new wave of merchants in the adult industry that focus on creator-first content, similar to Instagram’s format. While OnlyFans is in the adult industry, they can bend industry standards due to their sheer volume of revenue/traffic.

This article breaks down everything creator platforms need to know when it comes to high-risk payment processors and also details the alternatives for OnlyFans-style creator platforms.

Key Takeaways

  • OnlyFans uses a combination of Stripe, CC Bill, Merrick, and Harris.
  • OnlyFans leverages its large volume to negotiate lower rates and bend industry standards.
  • Establishing a high-risk merchant account is crucial for adult sites like OnlyFans.
  • Corepay is an excellent alternative to Stripe for Only Fans style merchants as we offer over 20 years of adult industry experience with our own ISO in Europe and the USA.

Who Does OnlyFans Use For Payment Processing?

OnlyFans uses a combination of banks/processors to mitigate risk and maximize approvals. Right now, the combination they are using is:

  • Stripe
  • CC Bill
  • Merrick
  • Harris

The key here is volume. OnlyFans’ girthy transaction volume allows it to negotiate with payment processors in ways that others simply cannot.

Can Others Use Stripe For Adult Payment Processing?

The quick answer is that you would need to process multi-millions per month to reach a deal with Stripe and it still might prove difficult.

  • Stripe’s policy explicitly prohibits certain types of adult content and services, so you need to ensure your content is within their guidelines.
  • Stripe does not offer payment processing for adult creator platforms, except for OnlyFans.

Alternatives To Onlyfans For Adult Companies

For creator platforms similar to OnlyFans, here are our favorite choices, with ourselves being included. (Full transparency).

Each offers unique benefits and challenges for payment processing in the adult industry.

Let’s examine these options to understand their suitability for your needs better.


At Corepay, we’ve been helping adult merchants grow for nearly 20 years. We understand the ins and outs of the industry, the security measures, and everything it takes to take your volume to the next level.

We are a registered ISO in both Europe and the USA, which allows us to offer highly competitive pricing that others simply will not match.

We also offer an in-house chargeback suite to help deal with any disputes your company will encounter.

CC Bill

As another alternative to Stripe for OF creators, you’ll find CC Bill, a payment processor that’s particularly tailored for adult content businesses. Unlike mainstream payment processors, CC Bill embraces the adult industry, providing secure, reliable service. It’s known for its fraud protection, which is helpful for an industry often targeted for fraudulent activities.

CC Bill is typically recommended to adult merchants as they will board most adult merchants, assuming it’s a legal business. While CC Bill is a solution for sites like OnlyFans, the fees are quite high and can go over 10% for adult creator platforms.


Verotel is a well-established payment service provider specializing in high-risk businesses, such as adult content. 

Verotel works with most adult content creator platforms, even those with poor credit. The downside here is that you will experience high processing fees.

Why Choose Corepay

For our clients in the adult industry, we deliver:

  • Efficient & Cost-Effective Processing: CorePay offers competitive rates, driving your business’s growth and profitability.

  • Swift Approvals: We prioritize fast approvals, typically within 24-72 hours, ensuring prompt sales closure.

  • High-Volume Solutions: Our exclusive gateway, Netvalve, caters to high-risk businesses with substantial transaction volumes, guaranteeing seamless scalability.

  • Global Payment Flexibility: Broaden your reach by accepting payments in various currencies, providing added convenience for your customers.

  • Top-Notch Security: Our PCI-Level 1 secure gateway undergoes rigorous monitoring and testing for uninterrupted transaction protection.

  • Seamless Mobile Payments: Adapt to evolving preferences with smooth mobile payment acceptance, catering to tech-savvy customers.

  • Clear & Transparent Pricing: No application, setup, or annual fees – we believe in simplicity and transparency, allowing you to focus on managing your business.

  • Round-the-Clock Support: Our dedicated team is available 24/7 to address your inquiries or concerns, ensuring your satisfaction is our highest priority.

If you’re looking for reliable payment processing for your content creator platform, skip the foreplay and come to Corepay.

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