3 Years of Providing Industry-Leading High Risk Merchant Services

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Merchants who work in certain fields are going to have problems getting traditional credit card processing accounts. These high-risk merchant accounts, as they’re called by the banks and traditional credit card processors, are often at risk for being dropped by their merchant service provider. Or they’re hit higher fees and more severe contract terms than other merchants typically have to pay.

A high-risk merchant is any business that presents an elevated risk of fraud or loss to the credit card processor or bank. Often it’s related to the type of product or service the merchant sells and the potential for fraudulent customers, or elevated chargebacks, but sometimes the high-risk status can be related to the company’s financial past (e.g. bankruptcy, payment issues).

For the last 3 years as a company, and with other 20 years of experience in its management team, Core Finance and its payments division, Corepay, have specialized in high-risk payment processing for e-commerce merchants, and merchants selling in certain high-risk fields. We’re experts in credit card processing and alternative payment solutions and have helped our clients by providing solutions that meet their specific needs, methods of sales, and product types.

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Introducing Solutions for High-Risk Merchants

Corepay has developed a strong reputation for providing reliable merchant services to a wide range of high-risk businesses including:

  • adult
  • dating
  • e-cigarettes/vaping
  • gaming
  • CBD products
  • forex
  • cryptocurrency
  • fantasy sports
  • pawn shops
  • travel
  • membership and recurring billing services.

There are several other high-risk industries that you might not have thought of, like bankruptcy attorneys, furniture stores (because of their high-ticket items), and even seminars and conferences.

Corepay has established a number of different merchant account platforms that meet the requirements and regulations of different banks and financial institutions, which allows high-risk merchants to stay compliant and still be able to accept credit and debit cards.

We keep up with the different changes and work to provide a number of different payment alternatives. We’re always troubleshooting and proactively looking for new solutions for our merchants, making sure we can keep you in business without any interruption to your service and ability to collect payments.

Want to learn more? You can schedule a call with one of our merchant service specialists.

What Does Corepay Offer Its Merchants?

At Corepay, we offer support and access to our merchants, giving you 24-hour access and support.

We try to make your experience as seamless and easy as possible. But if you ever need our assistance, our team is accessible at all hours, guiding you along the process.

Concierge-level Support
Are you tired of the same old story with other payment service providers? Corepay will assist you every step of the way, consulting and negotiating on your behalf to ensure you can begin accepting payments, maintain your merchant accounts, and maximize your approval ratios based on your target customer base.

For us, getting approval for your merchant account is just the beginning. Our goal is to ensure that your accounts are performing as they should, for the full life of your business.

If you want to learn more about how we can help high-risk merchants find a credit card processor so you can stay in business, just visit our website at Corepay.net or call us at (800) 408-0095.

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